Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Letter of recommendation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 4

Letter of recommendation - Essay Example As a business and quality assurance analyst, Alvi demonstrated tremendous leadership and management skills. He acted as the link between the project team and the client, and he ensured that client requirements are effectively communicated to the team. His ability to coordinate project activities and monitor progress ensured that the final product met the needs of the client. His ability and eagerness to understand and resolve issues with project stakeholders made him the most outstanding and respected member of the team. Mr. Alvi was willing to go out of his way and help others during the project life. I was pleased with his creative and critical thinking ability. He was able to communicate authoritatively without hurting the feelings of other members. During the interactions I had with him, Alvi emphasized on the importance of applying knowledge acquired in class in undertaking real life projects. While working on the project, Alvi remained vigilant and never failed to ask the team members questions on unfamiliar matter or idea. Consequently, Alvi was ready to share his knowledge by explaining to other members any new concepts and ideas. Due to His desire to learn and apply his IT skills, Alvi occasionally reported to work with his laptop that contained notes and other resources. On many occasions, Alvi talked about his desire to further his education in IT. I believe that if offered chance, Alvi has the potential to use his knowledge and skills to transform the society for the better. His commitment and willingness to apply his knowledge make him a suitable candidate for this program. I believe he will be more than a student and prove to be a major asset to the program. I therefore offer my highest

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