Friday, July 19, 2019

An Analysis of Andrew Sullivans Let Gays Marry :: Let Gays Marry Andrew Sullivan

"Let Gays Marry" is an article written by Andrew Sullivan arguing that homosexuals should be given the right to be legally married in the United States. In this essay, Sullivan argues that homosexuals have just as much right to marry as heterosexual couples. Sullivan argues that throughout US history that the definition of marriage has been altered several times to accommodate changing times, and that it is time to recognize gay's right to marry. Throughout the article, Sullivan uses several sources to back up his argument, but also makes several comments to weaken his argument. To add to Sullivan?s credibility, he is an editor of The New Republic, which was established in 1914 with a mission to provide its readers with an intelligent, stimulating and rigorous examination of American politics, foreign policy and culture, the author of several books, including Virtually Normal: An Argument about Homosexuality, as well as having been published in several news magazines including Newsweek. Sullivan?s article is an inductive argument directed at persuading and perhaps even educating all people on why gay marriage should be allowed in the United States. Throughout the essay, Sullivan uses multiple techniques, including Pathos, Ethos, Logos, and even Mythos to squarely support his argument, all of which help to aid in the credibility of the topic. Sullivan?s argument, while generally successful, has some weak points. The argument is generally written in a very relaxed manner, which may or may not discredit the argument. People looking to argue against Sullivan?s article may view the relaxed format as a sign of lack of knowledge or support of the argument. On the other hand, being composed in accessible language readily understood by the general population, and not perceived as accessibly intellectual may help this argument appeal to a broader population. Having been published in Newsweek Magazine on June 3, 1996, Sullivan?s article seems to be credible. Newsweek is a credible news source, and generally publishes credible materials. Despite having been published in Newsweek, this argument is biased when in the first sentence Sullivan identifies himself as a homosexual. ?For the first time in Supreme Court history, gay men and women were seen not as some powerful lobby trying to subvert America, but as the people we truly are?? When Sullivan uses the term we, he is identifying that he himself is a homosexual, and therefore I must assume that he is arguing from a homosexual point of view, and not an unbiased point of view.

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